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AP Products 016-SON 104 Brushed Nickel Interior Round LED Fixture

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  • 016-SON 104
  • 55-0999
  • Starlight's newest breakthrough, entitled the Solarion, is a specially designed surface mounted ceiling fixture. The lens is actually curved in such a way as to allow light to spread throughout the lens evenly, and hide the individual LED components from plain site while illuminated. Extremely bright LED interior surface mount ceiling fixture. Uses a fraction of the energy (.30 amps) compared to the halogen fixture it replaces. Operates much cooler- nearly 65% cooler than the halogen fixture it replaces. PWM driver allows for voltage fluctuations between 8-30 volts, so voltage spikes will not harm the fixture. 60,000 hour rated lifespan, which is 60 times longer than the fixture it replaces. CSA certified.Brushed Nickel Belzel.

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